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Randy Knott Native Originals

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Aaniin - Welcome,


As a fellow native art lover you understand the connection between the Creator and Mother Earth.  Randy epitomizes what is essential in our connection through his paintings.


An Objiwa, born in Curve Lake, Ontario, Canada, Randy has taken the culture, the life and the respect of nature that he learned as boy and transferred it to a medium known to us as canvas. 


Take a peek at what Randy has created.  The colours are bright and astounding.  Randy's only ambition is to spread the joy of his painting to others. His true passion is to share the love the Ojibwa have for the Creator and Mother Earth.


All of Randy's works are originals, none are prints.  All are signed by the artist, Randy Knott. 


Please read about Randy Knott on the page "About the artist." 

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Randy Knott Native Originals
First Nation Curve Lake, Ontario Canada